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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Industrial Parks

Industrial parks help overcome business infrastructure constraints and barriers to firm entry into the markets. Industrial parks have the capacity to generate high productivity, stimulate innovation, promote investment and foster social inclusion and environmental protection.

Industrial parks are an ideal catalyst for industrialization and economic development. They help put into place an infrastructure that fosters and attracts entrepreneurs of all scales and sizes.

Regional Development

Industrial parks promote economic activity in adjacent neighborhood areas by offering better employment opportunities. SIP has been particularly instrumental in the development of areas in and around RIICO Industrial Plots. Further connectivity with DMIC and DFC ensures that freight movements are fast and amplify business opportunities in the region.

Shared Facilities

Industrial parks offer all urban amenities that businesses desire and benefit from these data like Telecommunications, postal facilities, filling stations, banks, etc. These facilities are available for all enterprises to use and benefit from.

The principal objective of the industrial estate program is to achieve the promotion of small-scale industries by providing facilities, assistance, and guidance at every stage of establishment, operation, and management. It aids in the expansion, diversification, and modernization of the existing small industries sector.

The distribution of entrepreneurs regarding their involvement has been inferred that around 27.12 percent of the total entrepreneurs have a high involvement index of 21-40. It is followed by 24.44 percent of them who have an involvement index of 41-60.

Only 8.89 percent of entrepreneurs have an involvement index of above 80. Among the good performers (124), who have an involvement index of less than 40 constitutes 33.07 percent. While among the poor performers (101) it is 61.38 percent. At the same time the number of good performers who have an involvement index of above 60 constitutes 35.48 percent whereas, among the poor performers, it is 22.78 percent.

Why this type of commercial property?

You might have good reasons for investing in a certain type of commercial property. Will you choose based on your head or your heart, or your interests?

Maybe you have:

  • refurbished many shops
  • been involved in choosing industrial premises for your company
  • spotted an upcoming area full of office block developments that you want to invest in
  • worked in or with companies in the commercial property sector
  • worked with commercial landlords or helped prepare leases.

If you are completely new to commercial property, it is recommended that you seek professional guidance from a wide range of sources – including people who have already invested in commercial property. In particular, make sure you get legal advice. A solicitor can help secure the best deal and advise you on the fine print of the lease – this area, in particular, can be full of pitfalls for experienced and novice investors alike.

Key Takeaway

Whatever level of experience you have, whether looking for your first commercial property or adding to your portfolio, consider the first ‘W’ before anything else: why do you want to invest? The answer to this question will help determine the ‘what, where, and how you go about making the investment.

Also, whatever level of risk you are taking, early in the process seek professional advice from a commercial property expert; there are many differences between investing in commercial property compared to residential property. Taking this advice early can bring rewards for you later.


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