How to Make a Masterlist on Tumblr in 5 Easy Steps

How to Make a Masterlist on Tumblr in 5 Easy Steps

What is a masterlist? Well, the most basic definition of it is this: A list that encompasses all things in the fandom. This can include links to different fanfics, AMVs, fanart, and pretty much anything else that people have made related to the fandom. How do you go about making your own masterlist? It’s actually quite simple – just follow these five easy steps!

Step 1: Get Prepared

To begin, you’ll need to know what kind of list you want to make and how large it will be. If your list will contain thousands of entries (or more), then use an online tool such as Trello or Basecamp. However, if your list is likely to have just a few dozen entries, then creating your masterlist manually might be more convenient for you. You can also decide whether you’d like to keep your list private or public; depending on how frequently you plan to update it, there may be benefits either way.

For example, if you expect that your list will change often and thus become outdated quickly, then making it public might be a good idea so that others can easily see any updates you make. On the other hand, making your list private means that only those who are invited to view it will ever see its contents—which could help prevent people from copying or stealing ideas from your work.

Step 2: Brainstorm Your List Categories

Before you can begin collecting and organizing your links, you need to determine what categories your master list will include. Think about what your main areas of interest are and make sure each category has a purpose. For example, let’s say one of your main interests in science. You could create separate lists for physics, chemistry, evolution, medicine, and technology. Creating separate categories allows you more flexibility when it comes time to decide what links go where. It also helps you avoid getting overwhelmed by having too many options at once. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, don’t worry—you can always come back to these later.

Step 3: Search for Posts You Want to Add

When you’re logged into your personal Tumblr account, click on search in the upper-right hand corner of your dashboard. Type any phrase related to what you want your masterlist post to be about and hit enter. For example, if I want my list of feminist websites I like to visit every day, I would type feminist blogs Tumblr and press enter. Then I will see a listing of all posts that mention both feminist blogs and Tumblr.

This is how I know which ones are relevant for me to add to my masterlist. If you have a lot of results, narrow down your search by typing something else after your initial keyword. For example, let’s say I wanted to find blogs focused on feminism and social justice issues. If I typed social justice blogs Tumblr, then only posts that mentioned both social justice and Tumblr would show up in my results. The goal here is to find as many relevant posts as possible so that you can get as much content onto your masterlist as possible!

Step 4: Collect All of the Links

Your master list is going to be an incredibly useful tool for organizing all of your content, so you’ll want to collect as many relevant links as possible. To do that, search each of your tags until you’ve covered every page and generated a link for every image. You can also use a site like Pinboard or Delicious to create a saved bookmark account with all of your saved posts.

If you have any particularly interesting or valuable posts, it might also be worth saving them individually in Evernote or Google Drive (or both). However, I personally find having one central location for my favorite Tumblr posts keeps things simple. Once you’re done gathering your links, it’s time to start creating your master list!

Step 5: Construct your Masterlist Page

While you can use any format for your masterlist, I prefer to construct mine like an outline, making one post per chapter and including brief content descriptions. This makes it easy for readers unfamiliar with your fandom to know what they’re getting into. To make sure everything stays organized and clean-looking, keep all of your related icons at roughly the same size (try around 100 pixels).

They don’t have to be identical, but neither should some be small enough that they get lost under text or other images. Finally, look over everything and make sure that all of your media is hosted somewhere else (I like Tumblr because it’s free), either by uploading a copy or providing a link.

Once you’ve finished constructing your masterlist page, remember to submit it! You’ll need to be logged in and click submit beneath each category title. Each time you do so, a new URL will appear beneath each category title as well as in your submission history. Keep track of these URLs; they’ll allow anyone who wants to access your list from outside of Tumblr.

Follow the following steps and create a masterlist on Tumblr

  • Create a new text post.
  • Type out the title of your story/stories.
  • Go to the story post.
  • Choose “Copy Link.”
  • Now go back to your text post and highlight what you want to be linked to.
  • Paste your link in the prompt that comes up and hit Done.

Do that same thing for each of your stories and you’re done! Now your masterlist is ready to be shared.

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