How to Draw Feet on Tumblr

How to Draw Feet on Tumblr

In this article, I will walk you through the process of how to draw feet on Tumblr using easy-to-follow steps and specific images so that you can see each step in action. Following these simple steps will help you draw feet correctly, no matter what medium you choose to use. While this article will focus on how to draw feet in pencil or graphite, the same basic principles apply to other drawing media as well


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You’ll need a pencil and some paper, as well as an image of your feet on your computer. Print out an image of your own or find one online (there are plenty). Find an example of drawing feet on Pinterest.

Follow along with that photo to try drawing some feet yourself. Compare what you drew to what you found online, then repeat a few times until you get it right! You can follow along with how-to guides for specific methods if you need more guidance than that—it’s better to practice too much rather than not enough!

Whatever method you decide is best for you, be sure that whatever tool(s) and surface(s) you use are appropriate and won’t ruin anything in case they get dirty while practicing. It may take a little time to get used to holding your pencil and manipulating it in different ways, but don’t give up! Keep at it until you feel like you have mastered drawing feet.

The most important thing about how to draw feet on Tumblr is actually learning how to draw them; once you do that, however, there are several ways to stylize them. Many artists will create tutorials based on their own preferences—so look around online for ideas from other people who draw Tumblr feet! You might even want to see if anyone has created tutorials specifically about how to draw Tumblr feet; there are many great artists out there who make these sorts of videos/posts because people often enjoy seeing exactly how someone else goes about creating something.

Draw The Toes

The toes are probably one of the hardest parts of feet to draw accurately because they’re small and move around a lot. It takes time, practice, and study before you can draw them well. But don’t worry; it will come with time and dedication. The first step is really just recognizing what makes a good foot in general so you can translate that into specific details like toes later. Start by taking off your shoes, looking at your feet in a mirror from all different angles, practicing drawing them as perfectly as possible (even if it’s not perfect), and then try drawing them from memory without looking at your feet again until you need to.

Draw The Foot

I’m going to assume you’ve already mastered drawing hands and faces. Now, it’s time for feet! And there’s no way around it, drawing feet is hard work. It requires some real dedication, which might be why so many artists (including me) tend to leave them out of their drawings. But with a little effort, you can learn how to draw feet just as well as you draw hands! Just take your time and follow these tips! 1. Start by drawing an oval shape for each foot. The size of each oval will depend on how big or small you want your character to be. For example, if you’re making a tiny character like from Adventure Time, then both ovals should only cover half of the width of their legs. On the other hand, if you’re making a giant beast like Godzilla or Gamera then both ovals should go all the way across their legs and even overlap slightly into their torso area.

  1. Next, draw two long lines that start at one end of each oval and curve towards its opposite side while also ending at that same side point where they started.

Add Details (Hair, Wear & Tear)

Adding details like laces, hair and torn shoes will help you create a more polished-looking picture. Don’t worry about whether your drawing is perfect or looks realistic—the point of a practice sketch is to experiment with all different kinds of visual details. If you try something new and don’t like it, that’s okay! Just erase it, experiment with something else, and keep at it until you feel comfortable moving on to step 2.

Final Touches

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