How to Add a Search Bar to Your Tumblr Blog

How to Add a Search Bar to Your Tumblr Blog

How to Add a Search Bar to Your Tumblr Blog


Tumblr blogs are fantastic mediums through which to share your interests with the world. They’re easy to set up, customize, and keep as personal or as public as you wish. However, one major drawback of this great blogging platform is that it lacks an easy way to search posts; there’s no search bar to help you find what you’re looking for in the vast expanse of Tumblr blogs! But don’t despair! There are some simple steps you can take to add a search bar to your Tumblr blog so that you and your readers can find the content you want more easily.

Adding the Search Bar

If you are not logged in, click on your profile icon on top of your dashboard. Then, hover over Settings and select Theme Editor from that drop-down menu. The Theme Editor option will show up right below your profile icon on top of your dashboard. On that page, look for an area labeled Customize Header (or something similar) at or near the bottom of that page. Click on that link to open up a text box where you can add HTML code. You can paste any HTML code into that text box—for example, if you want to add a search bar, use Google’s search bar widget generator and copy/paste it into your custom header. Click Save Changes when finished!

Adding Textures

Tumblr is, arguably, one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogging platforms. It’s clean, it’s easy to use and it looks great. If you want to add just a little bit more to your Tumblr site (and make it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for), adding search bars is key. This guide will help you do just that in less than 10 minutes. There are many ways to create navigation on your Tumblr site. The simplest way would be by using a text box and manually typing in links or tags whenever you wanted them. You could also embed them into any images or graphics, but that can get messy quickly. Instead, let’s try creating our own navigation bar with no extra work from us by utilizing Tumblr’s own coding features!

Optimizing with Yoast SEO

If you’re using WordPress, and especially if you’re making your own website, you should download and use Yoast SEO. It has an easy-to-use interface with all of the standard features you’d expect. But more importantly, it makes optimizing your site for search engines as easy as possible—which is critical when you’re just starting out. By default, Yoast sets your title tags and meta descriptions to read more; instead, change them to be about 10 words long and include relevant keywords that are likely to appear in Google searches. When setting up a new post or page on your site, check its settings by clicking on edit post or edit page before publishing it; there will be some additional boxes you can fill in at that point. And keep in mind that meta descriptions are important!

Tags Are Tumblr’s Primary Tool Of Discovery

Discoverability is about making sure your work can be found and it’s done by using tags. Tags are what people search for on Tumblr, so if you have a really cool image or great video that’s not getting seen, check your tags to make sure they match up with your content. The best rule of thumb here is if you think of a relevant word when looking at what you’ve posted, that word should probably be in your tag. It might seem obvious, but knowing how to add a search bar on Tumblr will help you do just that!

Don’t Forget the Featured Image

If you’re creating a new post, use that as an opportunity to upload a featured image. A good featured image can be helpful for search results, and it will appear on your dashboard (if you choose) so you’ll always know which posts you haven’t written a post for yet. To add one: When writing your new post, click Add Media and then Featured Image. Select an image from your computer or Flickr account and make sure it is at least 1200 x 900 pixels (the ideal size is 1920 x 1080). If possible, write your copy with that specific photo in mind—it makes for better branding when readers see what they want within the first few lines of text.

Be Compelling & Engaging

You can easily add your own search bar and make your content easy to find on your Tumblr. Follow these simple steps to Add a Search Bar to Your Tumblr Blog

  1. Navigate to Settings in your dashboard
  2. Scroll down until you see Search
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select Add new search engine
  5. Enter the keyword or URL of the site you want people to be able to search from your dashboard (e.g., Google, Yahoo)
  6. Click Save Changes. Now you have a handy search box right next to all of your posts!

Preview and Publish

If you want your readers to be able to search through your site, all you have to do is add a search bar. To do How to Add a Search Bar to Your Tumblr Blog so, follow these steps: First, go into edit mode and click on your sidebar. In most cases, it will say (null) next to where you can add links or widgets of any kind. Click that area to bring up a list of options for customization. Select Search Box from that list and then type in what you’d like your search box to say at the top-right corner of your page. Click save when finished! You’re done! Now anyone who visits your site can use their keyboard to type in what they’re looking for and find exactly what they need.


Overall, you don’t need any fancy or expensive blogging software to get started blogging. Just use whatever you’re comfortable with and start writing about what you know! If you have any other questions, feel free to post in our forum or contact us directly. We’d love to help!

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