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Dedicated Server VS VPS Hosting

Dedicated Server VS VPS Hosting

I wasted a lot of my time choosing the right web hosting. I have noticed that there are always some issues with different hosting providers. Some provide quality service but the price is too damn high. Others offer cheap pricing but the service is very slow. It is beyond the Service rates & Service quality, the newest thing I have seen is an initial discount for a month or two then looting the customers with renewal fees. As someone who often has to work with different client websites and e-commerce stores, shared hosting service wasn’t just cutting it.

In this article, I’m going to differentiate between Dedicated Server & VPS Hosting & when it is more beneficial to use which server.

Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server is your private high-end computer on the cloud. With a dedicated server, you can easily host your website, your email or you can host your ERP, your CRM, or your project management software. The possibilities are endless. A dedicated server is ideal for hosting games.

Why Dedicated Server?

Performance: With a dedicated server you can enjoy ultra-performance and super low latency.

Resources: The resources are not shared so you can have blazing fast speed and best management on space.

Security: Dedicated servers come with super-enhanced security.

Configuration: Dedicated servers scale easily & fast. So you won’t have to face any issues, lag, or downtime while expanding.

Why not?

Cost: Dedicated servers cost more because they provide the best specifications.

Management: Dedicated servers are complex to manage and require at least minimal knowledge, there is an option for managed servers but it costs extra.

VPS Server:

A VPS Server is the virtualization of a physical server into various virtual servers. We can say it’s a child of a dedicated server with great specifications but not as great as dedicated servers.

VPS servers are great for different purposes.

There are different types of VPS Servers:

Windows VPS Hosting

Forex VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

Why VPS Server?

Instant Setup: VPS Servers are set up instantly without taking much time.

Cost: VPS Servers are affordable and yet they are almost as good as dedicated servers.

Security: A VPS Server is very secure as compared to Shared or Premium hosting.

Why not?

If your business is not suitable with a VPS & is built for a dedicated server then you will find issues.


VPS Servers have different purposes & they are the best fit for small and medium organizations as per the usage while dedicated servers are for enterprise-level customers.



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