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10 Easy Ways To Repurpose Your Old and Leftover Flooring Tiles

Tiles are considered to be part of the focal points of your home. They vary in shapes, sizes, colors, and designs which makes each space unique in its own way. 

Getting trendy flooring tiles for a house you’re building or renovating can be exciting. Interior designers have long been explaining the importance of tiles in setting the tone and ambiance of a house. So, seeing them laid down side by side on the floor is similar to seeing your house come to life. 

Aside from the aesthetic purposes they serve in your house, tiles are also a go-to for homeowners because of their functionality. They are considered as one of the most durable, easy to maintain, safe from common hazards, and affordable options for flooring.

A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) revealed that the average life expectancy of a ceramic tile floor is 75 to 100 years – that’s an entire lifetime! 

As much as everyone loves durable and long-lasting materials for their home, it’s hard to admit that getting tired of these items as they grow old is a common reaction. 

It’s normal to get home renovations and change elements in your interior from time to time to keep it at par with your satisfaction. But before you make an important decision to replace your flooring tiles, you have to consider where your old tiles are going to go.

Sustainability is one of the most important things to consider to combat the environmental implications of contemporary living. Minimizing your waste production and thinking of innovative ways to repurpose them is becoming trendy after all. Why not try it starting with your old tiles?

So, if you’re planning to change your old flooring tiles, here are 10 ideas to repurpose them into creative projects for your home:

Put Them On Your Walls

Tiling walls is not news. In fact, it’s a very common way to cover spaces that need to be cleaned regularly – just like bathrooms. Tiles are known to be materials that are easy to maintain; a few wipes and light scrubs can already make them look squeaky clean.

Tiles, however, should also be treated as creative additions to a room. Make an accent wall by tiling them or be innovative in your bedroom by making a headboard out of tiles. Using rich color and patterns would make a room look like a Moroccan hotel easily!

Half-painted walls are also very popular in Scandinavian-style houses. You can try to take that a level further by covering half of your wall with tiles instead of paint.

Paint Over Old Tiles

If one of the main reasons why you’re planning to get rid of your old tiles is that the vibrance of the colors is starting to get worn out, you can always opt for amping them up – it’s like giving your tiles a facelift!

You can point over your old tiles with either a plain solid color or, if you’re feeling a little creative, throw in some shapes and playful patterns. Doing this to your tiles will give your home a bit more personality and be custom-made for you.

Rearrange Tiles For A Mismatch Style

There’s a quote saying that there is order in chaos. And although looking “clean and polished” is something that is aesthetically pleasing, there is also an interesting charm in asymmetry and disorder.

If you see yourself as adventurous and like complex designs try to rearrange your tiles and mix different colors and patterns in the bunch. A quick tip to use to make your floor still look put together is to create a color palette and stick to it – you can focus on neutrals, reds, blues, or a combination of complementary colors.

Use Tiles As Coasters

Tiles are usually made for construction purposes such as covering your floors, walls, and even roofs. These, however, can serve another unique purpose: as coasters.

Smaller tiles with designs that fit the overall look of your house can be made as coasters for your drinkware. Bigger tiles can also be used as trays and platter decors. Ceramic and stone materials offer great durability that is good for holding your kitchenware.

DIY Some Pot Holders

Another way you can try to make out of your or leftover tiles is to incorporate them into making your own potholders. You can use grout and cement to stick them to your planters, but you can also try making a new one from scratch!

Not only can you make a customized plot holder for yourself but this is also a great gift idea for your friends and family with a green thumb.

Make Your Door Standout With Tiling

Doors are often made from some of the most common materials: wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Most doors are bought from ready-made stores for convenience, which is understandable if you want one less problem in building or renovating a home.

However, your door doesn’t have to be “common” forever with some simple tricks. Door tiling is an amazing styling idea that a lot of people have not picked up on yet. It’s a nice way to show your creativity and uniqueness from the outside without having to splurge or put in too much effort.

Turn Tiles Into Art Decors

Tiles, in essence, are very similar to art. They show diversity in color, style, texture, and personality. Going for a minimal style for your flooring tiles is not a bad idea if you’re aiming for flexibility and sustainability.

But if you have leftover tiles that are eye-catching and you completely adore, it will be great to find a new way to display them. You can stick them to your walls, frame them or buy a stand so you can put them on desks. 

By doing any or all of these, you can save money on pricey art decors and use something that’s already in your home!

Get Creative With A Broken Tile Mosaic

The broken tile mosaic is a very common way to reuse or repurpose tiles mainly because you can’t really go wrong with them. It works for all colors, patterns, or textures but you just have to be meticulous on how you place each of them.

The process is relatively simple and can pretty much be done over a weekend. So, if you’re planning to spice up any space in your home, consider doing a mosaic out of all your extra tiles at home. Use them on your backsplash, backyard walkway, bathroom floor, the list goes on and you just have to figure out more!

Tile Your Fireplace

The fireplace is the focal point of a lot of living rooms. During cold seasons, it’s a place where the family can spend time while getting cozy together. It’s also an element in your house that can get easily noticed if your main door leads to your living room. And so, keeping a fireplace functional yet stylish is an important thing to consider.

With tiles, you can veer away from the old brick trick and make your fireplace look more modern and sleek-looking. Going with tiles also adds a feeling of artistic maturity.

Use Tiles To Upgrade Your Desks and Tables 

Tables and desks are part of every home. In most cases, they are so ordinary that they are taken for granted. And although they’re part of everyday living, especially when you eat or work, they can serve one more purpose  – they can elevate the look of your house too!

You can utilize the colors and designs of your tiles and bring them to your table. Not only does it give added color, but you can also use tiles to completely change a table’s overall appearance. Make plain woods look eclectic or solid concrete look like artisan-made furniture. All of these you can do with a simple DIY project you can start anytime!

Key Takeaway

Choosing flooring tiles for your home is almost a life-long commitment. They may crack, fade or tarnish, but tiles will essentially stay in place for decades if not centuries. And while durability might be the main reason why you installed them in the first place, certain changes can be made to make your house stay in shape and up-to-date.

Instead of throwing away your tiles, think of ways on how you can utilize them more to get your money’s worth. Make sustainable and wise choices that will benefit you in the long run. 

Consider putting them on your walls, painting over them, rearranging their placement, using them as coasters or pot holders, installing them to your door, making them art decors, creating a mosaic, or putting them over your fireplace or tables.

These are easy projects that don’t necessarily require special skills to accomplish. You can do these with your family, friends, and even alone to spend quality time being productive. You can also experiment on other projects you can try – what’s important is you made something new out of the old.



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